problem of asymmetrical breasts

The problem of asymmetrical breasts. How to solve it with the help of a bra?

Brafitting, dealing with matching bra to the types and needs of women’s silhouettes, has already found a solution to every “bust” problem. Even the one related to breast asymmetry, because while most women have it and do not care about it completely, when the difference between breast sizes is large, they lose their appearance. However, you can reduce it by using the right bras. The result – beautiful breasts of perfect shape and identical size.

Rules for selecting bras for asymmetrical breasts:

The cup size should be selected for the larger breast, especially for stiffened bras. The principle can also be slightly modified and try to choose a bra in which one cup will be a bit too tight and the other one a bit too big.

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Push-up bras are a real salvation not only for small, but also for asymmetrical breasts. Inside their cups there are pockets with enlarging bust inserts. One of them can be drawn – from the side where the breast is larger.

Sometimes, however, the asymmetry is so large that a single insert cannot cope with masking differences. In this case, you can use an additional insert (made of silicone or foam) and put it in your pocket or sew it permanently to your bra.

Women’s underwear made of flexible materials also removes breast asymmetry. The soft cups adapt themselves to their shape – you can stretch them on the larger one, while the smaller ones will shrink on their own.

It is also worth to … love your asymmetry! It really occurs in all women – sometimes it is just a little bigger.

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